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Basic Professional Enterprise
Scheduling & Communication Essentials
Scheduling Workflow Manage teams, people, and shifts with flexible scheduling to match your workflow. Yes Yes Yes
Mobile Apps Manage, view and accept shifts from your iPhone or Android device. Yes Yes Yes
Multi-language Shiftboard is offered in English, French Canadian, and Latin-American Spanish. Yes Yes Yes
Teams Assign people to teams and manage schedules at the team level. Up to 20 Unlimited Unlimited
Profile Types Create various profile templates to collect role-specific information for use in scheduling and reporting. 1 5 Unlimited
Texting/Email Alerts Send alerts, announcements, and notifications using text or email. Texting charges may apply for international customers. Yes Yes Yes
Announcements Send announcements to all staff or to smaller specified groups. Yes Yes Yes
News BoardPost news and announcements on an electronic bulletin board. Yes Yes Yes
Site Branding Use your company or organization’s logo and colors. No Yes Yes
Advanced Scheduling Tools
Custom Profiles Define the profile information you need to schedule your staff. No Yes Yes
Member Rating Track performance and select the best staff for a particular role or shift. No Yes Yes
Member Documents Include member-specific documents within profiles, such as credentials, bios, etc. No Yes Yes
Time-Off Requests Manage time-off requests with manager approval. No Yes Yes
Standby Lists Autofill “call-offs” from pre-defined standby lists. No Yes Yes
Tradeboard (Shift Trading)Organize shift trading. You can enable your staff to manage their own trades. No Yes Yes
Premium (Two-Way) Texting* Send notifications to staff and allow them to accept shifts using two-way text messaging. No Yes Yes
Asset Scheduling Assign assets to shifts or people. Track assignments and manage assets. No No Yes
Multi-Site Manage schedules and teams across multiple locations and time zones with global roll-up reporting. No No Yes
Labor Contract Tracking Track labor contracts and only schedule those with an active contract by the time the shift needs to be worked. No No Yes
Credential Tracking Track worker credentials and only schedule those who are eligible to work. No No Yes
Seniority Scheduling Express rank or time seniority preference when scheduling your workforce. No No Yes
Compliance Alerts Notify any employee of an expiring training or license requirement. No No Yes
Mandatory Rest Periods Define and automatically limit scheduling workers based on mandatory rest periods. No No Yes
Strict SMS Opt-in Require workers to opt in to Shiftboard SMS communication. No No Yes
Basic Reporting Run reports and aggregate data relating to people, teams, shifts, calendars, and more. Yes Yes Yes
Advanced Reporting Project labor or peak demand costs. Export data for payroll and other systems. No Yes Yes
Workforce Management
Time & Attendance Track time worked using a mobile app, voice response, QR codes, or web clock. No Yes Yes
Vouchers Manage food, parking, and gift vouchers using QR codes. No Yes Yes
Applicant Tracking Review and track job applicants or new volunteers. When hired, automatically create staff profiles. No No Yes
Onboarding Easily manage onboarding of new and returning staff with custom workflows and messages. No No Yes
Job Board Post and manage job openings and volunteer opportunities. No No Yes
Demand Planner Use historical and forecast data to automatically create an optimized schedule. Fill schedule simultaneously with qualified staff. No No Yes
Open API Integrate easily with other software using an easy-to-use, documented, open API. Yes Yes Yes
Single Sign-On* Integrate SSO using OAuth, SAML2, Okta, Shibboleth. No Yes Yes
Payroll Integration* Create timecards using shifts worked or time clocks, and automatically roll up data for payroll systems. No Yes Yes
Third-party Software Integrations* Automate integration between Shiftboard and third-party systems. No Yes Yes
Drop Point Service* Automate file export between Shiftboard and third-party systems. No No Yes

Additional Information:

  • – Minimum subscription fees and users apply to all plans
  • – Discounts available for most non-profits.
  • – All prices in US dollars and do not include applicable taxes.
  • – Implementation fees apply in addition to posted subscription pricing.
  • – Multiple ongoing premium success packages available.
  • – For Premium (two-way) texting standard rates apply for all messages in the US. International rates vary by region.
  • – * Additional charges may apply
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