Workforce Scheduling Efficiency

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Increase Operational Efficiency of Workforce Scheduling

Managing an employee schedule manually is error-prone and time-consuming. It’s also tough to access key operational insights that improve efficiency and reduce labor costs. Fortunately, there is a better way. With workforce scheduling technology, you gain clear insight into your workforce operations, improve organizational efficiency and respond faster to change.

  • 50 percent reduction in time spent scheduling by automating time-consuming manual tasks such as publishing schedules, coordinating employee availability and communicating schedule changes.
  • Make optimal decisions instantly, removing the guesswork which leads to improved workforce utilization rates, increased workforce capacity, lower labor costs, and higher employee retention.
  • Improve visibility into your true workforce capacity by taking into account worker availability, overtime status, regulations and more.

What Factors Drive Employee Scheduling Inefficiencies?

Hour Glass

Time-consuming manual processes

Negative View

Lack of visibility into workforce capacity


Complex compliance requirements

Change Arrows

Frequent day-of schedule changes

Phone Communication

Real-time communication

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How Shiftboard Helps Improve Scheduling Efficiency

Shiftboard enables you to make better schedules faster. Once published, Shiftboard provides you a rich set of capabilities to avoid getting bogged down in the grind of daily adjustments. Empowering managers and schedulers with the tools they need improves scheduling efficiency, and your ability to support production and service commitments.


Automate Shift Assignment

Speed up schedule creation by leveraging intelligent technology to make scheduling decisions quickly. With just a few clicks, schedulers can identify and assign the most cost-effective, eligible workers for every shift, job, or work site.


Ensure Shift Coverage

Empower front-line managers to handle callouts and last-minute schedule changes quickly and easily with the right workers using the best day-of tools in the industry.


Tailor to Your Process

Enjoy unparalleled flexibility in organizing your workforce by the way you want to organize your workforce. You do not have to adapt to a technology – our technology adapts to the way you want to schedule your workforce.


Empower Employees to Self-Serve

Enable day-of, on-the-go, scheduling changes while maintaining vital communication with individuals, teams, or the entire workforce.


Communicate in Real Time

Keep operations running smoothly through automated and targeted worker communication—broadcast important updates such as shift assignment changes through notifications, email, and text.

Since implementing Shiftboard’s SchedulePro software, we’ve seen more than a 50 percent reduction in time and money spent on scheduling and a significant cost savings in the reduction in union grievances related to shift scheduling.

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