COVID-19 Workforce Solutions

Create a Healthier Workplace with
Happier Employees

Create a Healthier Workplace, with Happier Employees and Improved Bottom-Line Results

Workforce scheduling solutions are all about tackling the challenge of managing change – like those driven by the pandemic. With automated scheduling practices, organizations are more resilient, compliant, and efficient, while employees are healthier and happier. It’s a win-win, even in these turbulent times.

  • Flexible scheduling practices ensure shift coverage with cost-effective labor, even when faced with unexpected worker callouts.
  • Automated communication tools ensure employees get the real-time information they need to do their jobs well and feel safe at work.
  • Employee scheduling automatically considers new regulations such as social distancing and health screening when assigning shifts.

What Makes Reopening the
Workplace So Challenging?

Monitor Health

Ensure all employees are healthy to work

Social Distancing

Support physical-distancing requirements

Shift Coverage

Cover last-minute vacancies quickly

Keep employees informed

Keep employees informed at all times

Ensure Labor Compliance

Track schedule impact due to unique circumstances

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How Shiftboard Can Help You Adapt to the Pandemic Workplace

With Shiftboard, operations managers can quickly ramp operations, comply with new health and safety regulations, and meet employee needs for better communication and more flexible scheduling.


Track Employee Health

As organizations implement employee health screening measures, the ability to understand the daily impact of potential absences in real-time becomes essential. Shiftboard allows organizations to leverage health screening results and associated absenteeism information to forecast the impact on labor needs.


Enable Physical Distancing

Shiftboard simplifies schedule changes required to accommodate the physical-distancing requirement. Our solution provides full visibility into workers or office staff sharing the same workspace simultaneously and helps you make quick reassignments to limit their interaction and exposure risk.


Ensure Shift Coverage

Quickly adapt operational staffing to varying demand for labor and unpredictable absenteeism in the workforce. Tap into sign-up lists, standby lists, self-serve scheduling options and contingent labor sources to ensure shift coverage and keep operations running smoothly.


Keep Employees Informed

Deliver essential news to your workforce quickly to ensure that all workers are kept informed and up-to-date in real-time. Virtual bulletin boards and notifications to individuals, teams, or the entire organization can be tailored with specific messages, alerts, or updates.

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